Ubuntu14.10下 安装配置Eclipse、Golang 开发环境


1 Eclipse

  • Install golang package: sudo apt-get install golang
  • Download Eclipse:sudo apt-get install eclipse
  • Start Eclipse
  • Go to Help->Install new software
  • Add Goclipse URL: https://github.com/GoClipse/releases/raw/master/
  • Select All Availible sites and search for goclipse, select and install.
  • Restart Eclipse when prompted.

2 Eclipse Go Settings

  • Go to Window-> Preferences
  • Select Go
  • GOROOT: /usr/lib/go
    GOPATH: /usr/share/go
    Go-tool path: /usr/bin/go
    Go formatter: /usr/bin/gofmt
    Go documentor: /usr/bin/godoc

3 GoCode for Autocompletion

  • Make sure you have git installed: sudo apt-get install git
  • Get gocode with: sudo go get -u github.com/nsf/gocode
  • In Eclipse go to Window-> Preferences
  • Select Go-> Gocode (Submenu)
  • Gocode path: /usr/lib/go/bin/gocode